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The Ultimate Safari Drink

December 23rd, 2017


We talk about sundowners as thought it is a global phenomenon, living in the bubble that we do the assumption that everywhere across the world someone somewhere is enjoying cocktails as the sun goes down is a common occurrence.  I gather that this is not the case, and especially for those far north of the equator who barely see the sun for months at a time let alone get the chance to see it come up or go down.

Sunsets in Kenya happen relatively fast but what is so magical is the stunning change of lights which make the country a photographers paradise.  For those of you who are not into photography and are more into the ‘tastes’ of Kenya - we specialize in a superb drink termed the ‘DAWA’ which translated from Swahili is called medicine.  Invented by the ‘Carnivore group’ in Kenya we have taken the recipe and after weeks of intense testing we have come up with an interesting formula.

You will need - 

Muddler (Our barman Patrick cuts up new broom handles for our Dawas)

Short Glass (when muddling you do not want any of the ice cubes of flavors to fall out so if you can get a glass with an inverted lip to it that would help)

ICE - lots of this.

2 Shots of Vodka 

4 Mombassa Limes (seeds removed)

1 Dollop of honey

Sprinkling of Freshly grated Ginger

1 x Small Deseeded fresh Chili slice 

So where-ever you are in the world this is guaranteed to bring you back.


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