Safaris that support conservation initiatives

The Emakoko, in addition to offering a unique safari stop over-experience in Nairobi, is pleased to offer now safaris and private guided safaris.

There are many magical places you can visit in this magnificent country, and Emma and Anthony have lived and worked in some of the most beautiful places that Kenya has to offer. Their knowledge and experiences of Kenya, coupled with their passion for conservation, ensure that their new safari itineraries take you to places that have the most significant positive impact on conservation in Kenya. These focus mainly on conservation that is “community” based and aims to involve local communities in projects.

We offer several itineraries, and we can also assist you in planning other safari options. Our love and passion for Kenya is what drives us to show you the best that Kenya has to offer. Our most popular itineraries start at USD$850 per person per night with a minimum of 2 people, including accommodation, flights and activities.

Your Private Safari guides

A personal guide adds value to your safari by enriching the experience, passing on the history and peculiarities of the regions and the tribes.


Anthony Childs has been a private guide for over 20 years, and he is not only a highly accredited guide, but also an acknowledged international expert on both snakes and scorpions. Anthony loves nothing more than heading off the beaten track in search of adventure and memorable wildlife experiences. He is particularly adept at involving the younger members of your family in this their first wildlife adventure.


Rihaz Sidi has been an avid photographer for well over ten years and a private guide for four. He spends most of his free time in Nairobi National park hunting down the elusive Leopards but when on safari his favourite places where he is at home with the wildlife is in Amboseli National Park, the Mara and his ultimate favourite Samburu.

The Real African Experience

One of the best ways to experience Africa is to do it under canvas, and with our team of people and equipment, we can seek out the most beautiful untouched areas in Tsavo or the Mara. The camps we set up are for your exclusive use, with luxurious tents, en-suite bathrooms, flush toilets, bucket showers and a team of dedicated staff who ensure that the three-course meals and ice-cold drinks you enjoy are perfectly suited to your tastes.

Another option that we can offer is to visit the famous Sheldrick Camps which are dotted around Tsavo National Park. Staying in these camps allows you to see the incredible work the Sheldrick Trust does with elephants throughout the park. You are also given access to the internationally acclaimed “Orphans” project, where you can spend time with some of the young elephant orphans as they start their journey back into the wild.

Our privately guided safaris start at USD$1000 per person per day, which include accommodation, meals, drinks, activities and internal flights. This option is an ideal safari for groups of four or above who prefer to be completely private in our luxurious mobile camps and private homes throughout Kenya.

Whatever safari we plan for you, we always prefer to use owner hosted properties as much as possible, as their commitment to conservation is similar to our own. We aim to put together something tailor-made to suit your own needs and for you to come away, having had the experience of a lifetime

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